Our prices are very competitive because Dr. Aitken does not employ a secretary and all your emails will be answered by him personally.

Payment is via the Paypal card reader system which accepts all the common card payment types plus Google / Apple & Samsung Pay.

1 area  £190
2 areas  £270
3 areas  £330

Hyperhydrosis  (underarm sweating treatment using Botox):
Women  £300
Men  £400

0.55 mls  £190
1 ml  £350

Thread veins:
5 mls  £190
10 mls  £290

Please note that regular clients will tend to get reduced rates.

Apart from the treatments above a limited range of skin products are available that contain retinol (this is the only really good substance with good anti-aging evidence).  We stock ZO products which are only available via a doctor. These can be posted if required.